We've made it EVEN EASIER to engage clients and work leads with your RealSavvy CRM and IDX website. Follow the steps below to start using Magic Links to give your network quick access to an awesome home search experience and separate yourself from the competition.

1. Format your leads and export as a CSV file

Your leads need to be formatted correctly. You can either adjust your leads sheet so the column titles match the template or copy/paste the data into the template.

You may omit columns but cannot include new ones that are not on the template. Doing so will cause the import to fail.

2. Export and save your sheet as a CSV file

After your sheet is formatted you will need to export to a CSV and save it.

💡Google Sheets:  go to File → Download as → Comma Separated Values (csv) 

3. Upload your CSV file to the CRM

Log In to your RealSavvy CRM.    💡First time logging in?

Settings → Get Started → Upload Leads

Select the Upload CSV File and located your file

Select the top box ☐ to select all leads (or select the box next to only the leads you wish to upload)

Select Create IDX Accounts for Leads after uploading your list.
*If you DON'T want to send your list an automated email notification, be sure to uncheck the "Send Confirmation Email" box.  

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Next to complete importation

4. Send an Eblast to Leads or Create a Saved Search for Clients 

Engaging Leads:
We've created an email template for you to send to your network after you've created IDX accounts for them. Some great tools to explore for bulk eblasts are MailChimp, MadMimi, and Constant Contact. You can even use FollowUp Boss Action Plans to send a bulk email! 

Engaging Clients:
Set up a Saved Search for your clients on your website. The invite to the Saved Search you create for them will be in the format of a Magic Link so they won't even need to create a password or login! They'll just simply need to click on the link and voila, their account is created.  

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