Understand a full picture of your sales funnel by tracking, tagging, and sorting your leads however you wish! Separate yourself from the competition with the following steps:

Step 1: Add your leads to our Contact Import Template

Use this Contact Import Template to correctly format your leads. 

Important Note: You must use only these exact column names in order for your leads to be uploaded successfully.

Step 2: Export and save your file as a .CSV

After you've inputed your leads into the Contact Import Template you'll need to export it as a .CSV file and save it.

Within the template: click FileDownloadComma-separated Values (.csv, current sheet) 

Step 3: Upload your CSV file to the CRM

Log In to your RealSavvy CRM.    💡First time logging in?

From the left side menu go to: SettingsGet StartedUpload Leads

Select the Upload CSV File and choose your file

Step 4: Select the Contacts you want Imported as Leads

Select the top box ☐ (to the left of Email) to select all leads (or select the boxes next to only the leads you wish to upload)

Select Create IDX Accounts for Leads after uploading your list. 

Select Send confirmation email to send your clients an automated notification.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Next to complete importation

Check out the below video to see importing leads in action!

Success! Now let's learn How to Set the Lead Flow so leads can route to specific team members!

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