1. Would you like the teammate to have their own page on the website?

A teammate page can display the person's headshot, contact information, biography and more. If an agent it can also include Active and Sold listings as well as a Work With Me button.  

2. Is the person a licensed real estate agent?

If this person is also an agent we will need to connect their MLS data to also show Active and Sold listings and Work With Me button. This will also as provide full Agent level access to the platform.

*To complete the form you will need the following information.

Within 2 business days we will use the form to create and enter the Agent's new unique Agent ID# that will give them Agent access to the site, allow Active/Sold listings to be shown on their Agent page, activate their Work With Me button and allow them access to the CRM. 

If new the default login credentials below will allow them access the first time

Username: (Email address)
Password: realsavvy

*If they had previously registered  an account as a user their username and password will remain the same


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