How to locate SEO settings for the main page:

  1. To locate SEO settings at the site level go to Settings under the Main Menu in Builder

How to locate SEO settings for an individual page:

  1. Select a Page from the Main Menu. Then click on Main Settings and then SEO to bring up title, keywords, and description.

SEO Best Practices and Categories

1. SEO Title TagsĀ 

Title tags appear in search engine results and browser tabs. They also let search engines and readers know what information is present on the web page.

Best Practices for SEO Title Tags:

  1. Less than 60 characters in length
  2. Avoid keyword "stuffing" as it will decrease your ranking in search results
  3. Use unique titles for each page

2. SEO Keywords

Keywords are the most important aspect of your on-page SEO. These words or phrases are what people type into search engines to find the information they are looking for.

šŸ’”Pro Tip
A good way to search keyword volume and queries is Google Keyword Planner. It's free and available with any Google Ads account. Here you will be able to see how many searches are being made for keywords you are targeting along with other information.

3. SEO Descriptions

Meta descriptions help convince a reader to click through to your site from search engine result pages. Descriptions should be compelling enough to get the reader to click through to your site.

Best Practices for SEO Descriptions:

  1. Create unique descriptions for each page
  2. Less than 150 characters in length
  3. Write legible and avoid keyword "stuffing"
  4. Use some keywords you have identified as valuable

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