The CRM tracks website leads. Meaning that any lead originating from your website will come along with information such as the referring URL, or property address. This so that you may identify where on your website leads are coming from and which pages etc are performing well.

A URL campaign allows lead tracking from various sources. For example, if you are running campaigns via Facebook, Google, Zillow, email etc, a campaign URL will allow the CRM to identify and differentiate those different sources. Let's explore how to effectively use the campaign URL feature in your RealSavvy CRM.

Enter Website URL

This field requires the redirect, or success URL of the campaign you are looking to track. Once you complete the creation of the campaign URL this will be part of the link that you will want to use in any promotional channels you want to be associated with this custom campaign.

Name Your Campaign

Give the campaign a name that distinguishes it from others

Select Campaign Source

Choose the location from which your campaign is originating

Select Campaign Medium

Choose the medium through which you distribute your campaigns.

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