1. Make sure you are logged in to your site
  2. Set your search parameters using the search bar to set location or keywords and Filters to refine by Price, Type and Size.   *You will notice that a "pill" gets added to the search bar for each parameter. you set. You can remove one of these by clicking the X inside the pill.
  3. Once you have the search parameters set the way you want, select the Save Search button (see image below)
  4. Name your search and select notification frequency. 
  5. Select the Create button when finished

Notes: Results must contain no more than 500 listings in order to be saved. 

Invite Collaborators to join your Saved Search

Once you select Create you be taken to your Saved Search. You will see all the listings within your search criteria. More than likely you will be setting this up for at a client and will want to invite them as a Collaborator. When you invite someone to a Saved Search that person will receive an email notification with link to view the results. Once they accept they will then begin getting alerts when new listings are added. 

How to invite collaborators 

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Select Saved Searches to view a list of all the searches you have created or have been shared with you
  3. Locate the Saved Search you wish to invite a collaborator to
  4. Select the Collaborator icon from the top menu
  5. enter the email addresses of each person you wish to invite
  6. Once all have been selected, click the Invite button

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