1. Go to your main IDX & set your filters
  2. Copy the entire URL
  3. Go to http://urldecode.org
  4. Paste the URL into the box
  5. Click Decode
  6. Select the filter based code in the URL that starts with  " { " and ends with"}"
  7. It should look something like the following (in bold):


8. Copy/Paste the section into the Query field in the Property Grid block

The above example would look like this

9. Then copy the Suggestion{s) and paste in the Suggestion field 

 From the above example ti would be this
["ccef156b-aabf-4417-b6a3-a7f78ec8e4d0", "378c3dcd-b30d-4389-bce3-ecce457a3d90","46e7ae4c-8212-427c-b6ba-e823f2679f76", "58f26346-b672-4c43-925d-f8bac3d"}

10. Save Page

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