As an agent there are a number of things throughout the day that pull you in every direction. With your new RealSavvy platform you can better manage your clients, leads, and your time. You now have a number of new tools at your disposal. We broke down the 3 essential things you'll need to do to start making the most of your new platform. 



As an agent you have three important tools to familiarize yourself with. They are: 

Your IDX  The Search located on your company's website
Mobile App  Download button located on your company's website
Your CRM

Please visit login to each using your First Time Login Credentials



Everything you need to know about your leads and clients.

CRM or Customer-Relationship Management is your dashboard that allows you to pull daily reports, view where leads are coming from and understand a full picture of your sales funnel at a glance. It's here where you will get valuable insight into which properties your clients are viewing and when so you can narrow down the perfect property for them. 



IDX (or Internet Data Exchange) is the feed of MLS listings on your website.

More on the IDX feed here

Our collaborative home search converts leads by providing users with the modern, social home search experience they crave. Compete with the national search portals directly from your own website by giving users a way to curate and share their custom Collections!



Visit your company's website to click the Download App link.
 *This can usually be found in the Navigation menu or towards the bottom of the Home Page




After you have verified your account you can login to your IDX and CRM accounts using your temporary login credentials. Upon doing so, you'll want to do the following things as soon as possible:

  1. Upload your contacts to the CRM
  2. Create a Saved Search
  3. Create your first Collection 
  4. Share your app with someone
  5. Verify or Edit the information on your Agent Page

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