User with full “Site Owner" access have the ability to create and add new pages to the website. To start a new page follow these steps:

  1. Login in to Site Builder 
  2. Select Menu ( in the top left corner )
  3. Select +New Page
  4. Enter a Title for your new page
  5. In the Slug field, enter the title again using only lowercase letters and dashes in place of any spaces. (example: contact-us)
  6. Click Create

💡Tip: If the title of the page is About Me the slug should be entered as about-me This will make the page URL

The next page will be your newly created website page. By default it will include the Standard Navigation and Footer. If you have used an alternative to either of these hen you need to swap them out by deleting and adding the desire Navigation and Footer. 

💡No need to recreate navigations or Footers. They will auto populate whatever content that has been added to these blocks on any other page of the site. This keeps everything consistent and saves time.

Now you have the page created you can add blocks and content to build it out.

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