1. Login to the RealSavvy Site Builder and select your website
  2. Open the main menu ☰
  3. Select Blog from the list of option 
  4. Click the +New Post button in the upper right corner. If this is your first blog post then select Here in the middle of the page

Give your post a title and compose the body of your post. You can add images and video by selecting the ⨁ menu that appears when you hit Return/Enter while typing the body. When done scroll down and hit Save.

Through the blog editor menu you can edit how the post appears on the web page, add keywords, cover image etc.

Slug: The URL of your post. This field will automatically be filled in once the post is given a title and saved. 

Short Content: A brief description of your blog post. This field is not required.

Publish Date: The day on which you wish to make the post available on your website.

Tags: The categories that you wish to have your blogs posts sorted by. 

Authors Name: Where the author of the post can be credited.

Banner: The cover image for the particular blog post

Ready to publish?

Go to Settings in the blog editor menu, toggle Publish ON and hit Save

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